Please tell me the difference by version.

The basic and standard versions are used on a common server, and you can use the service after signing up as a member. The Pro version is not a common server, but a single hosting.
Pro version can be modified such as logo or main page and can be developed additionally. It can be customized and costs can be added depending on the degree of development.
There is no functional difference by basic service, and it is divided into basic and standard versions according to the number of users.
Security programs are only available in Standard and later.
If there are more than 300 members and images and videos, you must sign up as a professional version.

Does a student have to sign up to take the test?

If you sign up as a member, students can take the test right away from their schedule or test list, and they can know the test results right after the type of test. You can also learn through video content.
Even if you don't register as a member, you can take the open test. You can take the exam right away with the shared URL. To do this, you can change the test information to Take Anyone, and then click Share to create a URL. If you send the generated URL by email or text, the student can access and enter the test number or name and take the test right away. It's possible on PC and mobile.

How do I distribute test results?

The test status should be changed to End and Distribution, and you can check it directly from the Test Results menu. You can check individual grades and incorrect answers by question.
Non-members must distribute the results themselves. After changing the test status to Test Complete (Distribution), click the Share button next to View Comments in the menu/test schedule to send the generated URL by email or text.

Can't I automatically handle the pass/fail of the test?

Test information must be modified in Menu/Test Creation Management. If you enter the test information qualification passing score, you will automatically be exposed to the list as a failure if you get more than that score and if you get less than that score.

What happens if I refresh or close the test window during the test?

Even if you refresh the test window, the set time and the questions you answered will not disappear. And if you close the window during the test, the test will start again. However, if the number of tests is limited to one, you cannot take the test again. If there are no application restrictions, you can proceed with the test again.

For example, if there is a test of 50 questions, I would like to expose 10 questions to the screen, is it possible?

Yes, you can. Easy test can show the problem placement method on the screen, 1 question each, 5 questions each, and 10 questions each. If you expose some questions except for the full view, the button on the previous page of the next page is exposed at the bottom and you can move the page.