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Features by Easytest type

EasyTest is provided in three versions for each user and usage scale.

Basic (Max. 100)

Maximum number of students 100 (individual customer) / 1G / 1 teacher account provided / No limit on test creation / commercial use not allowed

100 USD/Year

(50% discount)

individual customer

Security program not provided

Opening completed within 24 hours


Standard (Max. 300)

Maximum number of students300commercial use not allowed / 2G / 1 teacher account provided / No limit on test creation / commercial use not allowed

200 USD/Year

(50% discount)

individual customer, small business

Security program provided

Opening completed within 24 hours


Professional(for company)

Maximum number of students1000 for company, school, collage / 3G / 1 teacher account provided / No limit on test creation / commercial use not allowed

500 USD/Year~

(50% discount)


Security program provided

Support domain/customizable

Opening completed within 24 hours


EasyTest Key Features

Create it easy and fast with the online test service EasyTest!

You can solve many types of question on your PC and mobile.

Various types of questions such as multiple choice,short answer questions are available / Testable on PC and mobile / You can add to 100 questions on the test. / Display input answers separately / Score by question


Start the exam immediately with a weekly/monthly schedule

Test and video content can be viewed in the schedule. Detailed options such as test type, test period, test method, test target, etc. are provided / Provides test password setting function for open test members only


Real-time monitoring of test status for each student

Real-time test status monitorable / Automatically scoring scores and providing detailed results


Quickly view and distribute test results

Quickly pick up the test results / Percentile, order, rating / Display the wrong answers for all questions for each student / Can be sent as an automatic distribution of grades or as an individual result link


Provide comprehensive statistics by test

Number of successful applicants by test / Provides various test statistics such as top 10%, 20%, 30%, bottom 30%, and average score


Provides anti-cheating program

Provides an anti-cheating program with security applied. Through face recognition, screen break time and normal time are counted and notified to the administrator.

Recent Updates 2023-05-28

EasyTest keeps updating for free. Your feedback is a big foundation for growing into a better program. We will receive your feedback on the improvement points after use.

Customer requests & Development progress

Randomly extracting questions from a question list

You can randomly pick as many questions as you want from the list of saved questions.

completed (2023-4-5)

Random arrangement of questions

If you set the item arrangement method to Show All and select Random Item Placement, the order of all questions is displayed as random. User answers are saved in the same order as the original questions.

completed (2023-4-5)

Request a function to manage incorrect questions.

Member login / Added My Note function / You can add the questions you want in the test results / You can view only the wrong questions in the test results

completed (2022-10-5)

I want to register a problem as a PDF or image

You can deal with question as PDF or jpg files instead of creating question one by one. In this case, you just need to add as many question as there are no contents.
If uploading as a jpg, you can mark it like a pen on the test paper. Additional support for programs to convert PDF to JPG. (See the link at the bottom of the test creation)

completed (2022-05-12)

Is there a way to prevent cheating?

Exclusive program for anti-cheat provided - Security program exclusive test requires logging in after installing exclusive program. During the test, you must keep an eye on the screen monitor, and when you turn your face left and right with the camera or leave, the test result is notified by checking the time. Administrators can check the breakaway time in the test statistics.

completed (2022-07-17)

I want to quickly register a problem with an Excel file.

If you use Excel when registering questions, you can quickly register many questions. You can download and fill out the Excel sample file below. Please upload audio and image files by e-mail.

completed (2022-05-16)

Video manual provided

The easy test is not difficult. It can be used in just 10 minutes.

Take a look at the EasyTest user manual provided as a video. EasyTest is easy and quick to use. All you have to do is set a question, create a test, put the desired question into the test, and distribute it.

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